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Last minute ways to celebrate Earth Day

COMMUNITY CENTERGreen Homes & BusinessesRecycling & ReusingApr 21, 2015Rebekah Eastep

Author: Rebekah Eastep

Tomorrow is Earth Day and most people will be suggesting that you plant a tree, bike to work, grow your own food, organize an Earth Day education event and more. These are all great ways to celebrate this great big planet we all call home. But we get it, you’re busy! You don’t have a sapling on hand, you can’t bike the kids to daycare and you’re unlikely to go till up a garden plot when you get home from work. You’ve got a lot on your plate, we totally get it. But don’t despair, is here to save the day! These last minute ideas are easy, no-fuss ways that everyone can celebrate Earth Day…even those with a busy calendar.

  • Recycle or donate an old cellphone. You know you have an old cellphone hanging out in the back of your junk drawer at home. Dust it off and let it have a second life through reuse or recycling. There are many convenient drop-off locations throughout Hampton Roads where your old phone could be donated to servicemen and women or recycled through an approved recycling program.
  • Get a car wash. Go get your car pollen-free! It’s actually more eco-friendly to get a professional car wash than the DIY driveway job. Shocking, I know. Professional car washes typically use less water in the washing process and send the dirty water into the wastewater system instead of the nearest storm drain. You can locate a WaterSavers certified car wash here.
  • Refuse a plastic bag. Do you really need a plastic bag for your two item purchase? Probably not. Just say no to the plastic shopping bag this Earth Day unless you really need it. And ladies? Don’t forget about that reusable bag we all carry on our arm….the purse!
  • Drop-off plastic bags for recycling. Speaking of plastic bags, are you a plastic bag horder? Do you have a giant collection of plastic bags shoved under a sink or into a closet somewhere in your house? If so, celebrate Earth Day by rounding up your plastic bag collection and dropping them off at your local grocery store for recycling. They could become composite wood fences or decks in no time!
  • Turn it off. For Earth Day, be mindful of what you leave on. Once you’re paying attention, you’ll be surprised by how often you carelessly or needlessly use unnecessary resources. Whatever it is, the lights, faucet, computer, TV – just turn them off when not in use. This is the simplest way to reduce your impact on the Earth.
  • Go paperless. Most companies now offer online account services like electronic bill pay and online account statements. There’s no need to waste trees on paper statements and bills with these convenient online services. You can also opt out of junk mail to go one step further. Enrolling in these paperless options is one quick way to reduce waste!
  • Put trash in its place. If you saw a $20 bill on the ground, chances are you’d lunge for it! But how often do we notice and ignore litter in our community? If only for Earth Day, pledge to pick up litter when you see it and place it in an appropriate trash or recycling receptacle. You’ll make the Earth and your neighbors smile.
  • Get outside to play. We are blessed with so many natural resources in Hampton Roads yet most of us spend so little time enjoying them. Set aside an hour to take a walk, go fishing, lounge on the beach or just enjoy the blooming spring flowers this Earth Day.

See how easy it is to do something green to celebrate Earth Day? No saplings, helmets or garden plots required! Happy Earth Day!