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Environmental Education Grants

Environmental Education Grants

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Environmental education mini grants are available

We’re all about getting your “learn” on. That’s why offers environmental education mini grants of up to $500. Our mini grant program is intended to provide funding for environmentally-themed projects and may be used to fund a portion of or an entire project. Ac ...

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We live in a beautiful region surrounded by water. It impacts everything from the food we eat to the fun we have as well as our economic livelihood. Our daily actions have a lasting impact and it's up to us to protect and restore our waterways. It takes a community of individuals making small changes to make a difference. Getting involved in the Bay Star programs is one way you can be part of the effort to protect our region's most defining natural resource, water.
askhrgreen.org9 hours ago
♻️Friday is America Recycles Day… Did you know there is a day dedicated to recycling in America? It’s November 15th every year, which means this Friday is the day!♻️

♻️How are we celebrating? By recognizing that the national recycling rate has increased over the past 30 years. YES! The current recycling rate is 34% and it’s our goal to keep this moving up. Turn to for information about recycling and many other ways to make good environmental choices in Hampton Roads. ♻️

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askhrgreen.org4 days ago
Did you know that most glass that is recycled in Virginia ends up in a landfill? There is no facility in the state properly equipped to clean and process the glass to the standards required to make it into new glass products.

Anyone looking to start a business? 👀
askhrgreen.org4 days ago
❓Question. Do you have a plastic bag brimming full of plastic bags in the closet? Maybe a pile of bubble wrap somewhere? You CAN recycle that thin plastic, only not in your home recycling bin.
Why? It can’t be recycled like glass, paper and tin. Take thin plastic items like bags and wraps to a proper recycling spot. That includes your neighborhood grocery store, retail store or home improvement store.

Do you have a favorite recycling meme? Let’s see it!

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askhrgreen.org1 week ago
It’s Election Day and time to remember the ol’ adage to “vote early and vote often,” right? That’s not something you can actually do, but one thing you CAN elect to do every day is to choose to recycle the plastic you use.
But THIN plastic needs to be recycled properly. That includes plastic bags from grocery stores and the drycleaners, the plastic packaging for bread loaves, rice, paper towels, etc… That thin plastic should NOT go in your home recycling bin. Take it to a convenient grocery, retail or home store to be properly recycled!

What would YOUR recycling campaign slogan be?🤔

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askhrgreen.org1 week ago
While our region’s water and wastewater systems may be out of sight, they should not be out of mind. So, the next time you grab a coffee for your morning commute or have a beer after work with a friend, just imagine what life would be like without it. 💧☕️🍻 #ValueWater
askhrgreen.org1 week ago
More than 280 Gloucester residents picked up 300+ bags of trash for Clean Gloucester Day! #TeamUp2CleanUp Gloucester County Clean Community