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The Great American Cleanup

Keep America Beautiful’s Great American Cleanup is the nation’s largest community improvement program, which takes place annually in an estimated 20,000 communities nationwide. Cleanup events typically take place all across Hampton Roads from March to June, and we invite everyone—individuals, families, school groups, clubs and civic organizations—to Team Up 2 Clean Up with us and get in on the fun.

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Great American Cleanup events will now be held September 18-19, 2020. Register to join the cleanup effort below!

The Great American Cleanup is an opportunity to transform your neighborhood and community into beautiful, healthy spaces. Beautiful places are environmentally healthy, socially connected and economically sound. They’re better places to raise families, start a business or go to school.

Our program Team Up 2 Clean Up is always available, but during this annual Great American Cleanup event, we encourage you to be a part of the transformation that takes place all across Hampton Roads!

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Three volunteers in reflective vests picking up litter in Suffolk for a Great American Cleanup event

In 2019, more than 1,000 volunteers teamed up to clean up Hampton Roads for a successful Great American Cleanup. Volunteers from the community, military commands and local businesses across Hampton Roads worked together to rid the land and water of more than 15 tons of litter. They also mulched and weeded community gardens, planted trees and plants in parks, and freshened up structures and trash cans with new coats of paint. In total, 71 locations across 13 cities and counties were spruced up thanks to the hard work of our volunteers and partners.

What: The Hampton Roads Great American Cleanup event is a two-day effort to remove litter and improve community appearance across all 17 cities and counties in the region. Community beautification projects include:

Three volunteers picking up litter during a Great American Cleanup event

  • Removing litter from roadsides, neighborhoods, beaches, waterways, and parks for cleaner communities
  • Planting trees, flowers and community gardens to strengthen green infrastructure
  • Restoring nature trails, parks and playgrounds to encourage outdoor activity
  • Recycling old or unwanted items junking up your home or yard
  • Restoring business districts and thoroughfares to encourage economic development

When: Cleanup events will take place Friday, September 18 and Saturday, September 19. There will be some pre-planned events to join, but due to social distancing guidelines, we are encouraging volunteers to lead neighborhood cleanups with smaller groups in a spot of your choosing. Supplies and support may be available from your local Clean Community Coordinator.

Who: Everyone has a role to play in keeping Hampton Roads beautiful. YOU can make a difference in your community.6 volunteers in Virginia Beach picking up litter and laughing during a Great American Cleanup event

How: Simply complete the form below and let us know how you plan to Team Up 2 Cleanup! Volunteers will be connected with a local Clean Community Coordinator for assistance with proper safety protocols and supplies, available supplies and reporting your cleanup results.

Join as we clean up Hampton Roads!

Sign Up to Be a Part of the Great American Cleanup

We’re sorry, registration is now closed. If you are hosting your own cleanup, you can submit your results via email to If you would like more information about upcoming cleanups, please contact your Clean Community Program Manager listed below.