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Plogging – Where jogging meets litter pick-up

COMMUNITY CENTERClean CommunitiesClean Water & WaterwaysMar 18, 2019Guest Contributor

Author: Guest Contributor

A February 2018 Washington Post article brought the activity of “plogging” to mainstream USA, and we want in!  So what the heck is plogging??  Originating in Sweden, it combines the activities of running (and squatting), and picking up litter together, creating an activity that not only benefits health, but also the environment!

Erik Ahlström founded plogging and the group Plogga with the goal of triggering the city of Stockholm’s runners to do good for the environment.  This new craze swept through Europe, and has finally made its way to the United States.  Cities throughout the country are hosting plogging cleanup events, and running clubs are doing their part as well.

This year, we wanted to bring the awareness of plogging to Hampton Roads in hopes that this new trend takes off.  With that, please join us as we kick off plogging in Hampton Roads on May 3 and 4, during the Great American Cleanup!  Sign up for an existing event or can help you organize an event with your local gym or running group. If you want to do your own thing and collect litter as you run or walk, please go for it!  Please note that it is recommended that you wear gloves and bring a bag with you as you go out plogging. When you’re done, just dispose of the litter in an appropriate trash receptacle.  Take photos as you collect trash and use the hash tag #plogginghrva as you post on social media, and let’s see if this craze catches on!

Although litter is a constant battle, we can all fight the good fight together and make Hampton Roads and our waterways cleaner than how we found them!

Guest blog submitted by Christel Dyer with HRSD.