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Two Tons of Plastic Bags Recovered from Hampton Schools

Posted on June 14, 2016 by | Comments Off

Congratulations to Hampton Christian Academy Elementary for winning the Trex Plastic Bag Challenge again! They collected 1,035 pounds of plastic bags and consumer films and achieved a pounds per student ratio of 7.238. They will receive a Trex plastic bench. They are ranked number 5 in all 550 participating  schools by student ratio.

Congratulations also to Phoebus High School! The students there collected the most pounds of plastics bags – 1,205 – which is an equivalent of approximately 93,000 plastic bags! Because of their higher student population, their ratio was 1.004. The students collected nearly a quarter of all the plastic bags collected in Hampton during the competition.

Congratulations to Armstrong School of the Arts – they had the highest public school ratio in the city – 2.507 pounds per student.

Altogether, 16 schools in Hampton participated this year and collected a combined total of 5,166 pounds of bags and consumer films! That’s more than 2 tons of plastic bags. Think about that the next time you hold a plastic bag in your hand! That’s nearly 400,000 plastic bags! Nearly all the schools were supported by volunteers who helped transport the bags and plastic film to Farm Fresh locations for recycling. Thank you Farm Fresh stores, for allowing the participants to bring their plastic bags to your store!

Congratulations to all the participants for facilitating the students’ participation in this contest! Because of staff and volunteer support, nearly 10,000 students had the opportunity to participate in a fun and meaningful activity. Many thanks for your efforts!


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