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Unsolicited Buzz About Your Garden

COMMUNITY CENTERClean Water & WaterwaysYard & LandscapingMay 2, 2012Chris Ausink

Author: Chris Ausink

What do you mean by unsolicited buzz about your garden?

I’d love to hear the buzz that my garden is something spectacular, a garden that you just have to see and experience – beauty, exquisite landscaping, the essence of tranquility. Okay, I’m dreaming.  I can barely keep up my front flower bed between working full time and other activities.

However, I do love flower gardens as they cheer me up after a stressful day at work.  I just look at the beauty they provide for a few moments and all seems well.

Unfortunately, there sometimes is a different “buzz” in my garden. This buzz keeps garden visitors away. No, it is not the welcome buzz of the bees pollinating my flowers. It is the buzz of mosquitoes.

It only takes two tablespoons of water, for a mosquito to lay her eggs! Whoa! That means mama mosquito doesn’t need much to deposit her future kiddos in my or your yard!

One consolation is that birds, bats, and goldfish love to dine on mosquito larvae. I have the birds, but not the bats or goldfish. There are all kinds of suggestions to reduce the population of mosquitoes- the most logical is to get rid of standing water. However, to get the real scoop on mosquitoes check out this University of Florida website.  It has all kinds of information from the life cycle to disease transmittance to myth busters about how to actually repel those pests  from making you their dinner at the next evening summer barbeque.

I’m getting ready for some buzz this summer from friends who want to join my husband and me for an outdoor meal. Hopefully there will be the right kind of buzz and we won’t be the mosquitos’ dinner guests!