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National Greasy Foods Day: The Good to Know and Good to Do

COMMUNITY CENTERClean Water & WaterwaysGreen Homes & BusinessesRecycling & ReusingOct 25, 2013Brianna Venner

Author: Brianna Venner

We take our job bringing you the Good to Know and Good to Do very seriously. That is why I feel compelled to inform you that today, October 25th, is National Greasy Foods Day. I’d like to share some suggestions for really embracing the holiday spirit. I see fried shrimp and hush puppies on my lunch menu…


Good to Know

  • If you can’t get to a burger joint, don’t forget you can always get your fats, oils, and grease in icings, ice cream, sauces, and if you’re really desperate salad dressing.
  • An at home fish fry is a great way to make it a party and feed a big crowd. You can reuse cooking oil for up to 6 months or 6 hours of fry time. Reuse that oil for your Thanksgiving bird!
  • Your garbage disposal doesn’t partake in National Greasy Foods Day so dispose of leftovers in the trash not down the drain to prevent grease and food scraps from building up in your pipes.

Good to Do

It’s a national holiday – indulge! But please, use your sink responsibly:

  • Just Can It! Pour grease into an empty heat-safe container, like a soup can and freeze it. Once it’s solidified throw it in the trash.
  • Scrape the Plate. Wipe all pots, pans, dishes, and cooking utensils with a paper towel prior to washing to absorb grease.
  • Use a sink strainer to catch food scraps. Garbage disposals only chop up food pieces they don’t eliminate fats, oils, and grease.

And remember…

Friends never let friends pour cooking oil down the drain. Take it to a recycling center in your area.

How do you plan to celebrate National Greasy Foods Day?