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Environmental Education Grants

Environmental Education Grants

Teacher helping young student with addition

Environmental education mini grants are available


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We live in a beautiful region surrounded by water. It impacts everything from the food we eat to the fun we have as well as our economic livelihood. Our daily actions have a lasting impact and it's up to us to protect and restore our waterways. It takes a community of individuals making small changes to make a difference. Getting involved in the Bay Star programs is one way you can be part of the effort to protect our region's most defining natural resource, water.

What’s the good, green word?
askhrgreen.org1 day ago

4-H Clean up Challenge as part of the great American clean up #VirginiaCleanWaterways #CleanUpDay #InspireKidsToDo #4HatHome #ceic
askhrgreen.org4 days ago

🗓 It’s that time of year when you should be preparing your lawn to have nice growth next summer. In order for your grass to have the nutrients it needs to get through winter and grow stronger in spring, you need to fertilize, right?
askhrgreen.org5 days ago

🍂 Fall has officially fallen! 🍂

What else has fallen? ALL. THOSE. LEAVES. Is your lawn covered with a nice crunchy blanket of leaves? What do you do?

Don’t blow it.

Seriously, don’t blow those...
askhrgreen.org5 days ago

Who wants to go to Forest School? 🙋‍♀️🙋🙋‍♂️

Check out this awesome opportunity to get kids into nature with our friends at Elizabeth River Project!
askhrgreen.org6 days ago

🌱 It’s getting close to the end of lawn-mowing season.🌱

Hope you haven’t been making more work for yourself and bagging up your lawn’s grass clippings… It’s best to leave them where they are and NOT sweep them into the street.
askhrgreen.org7 days ago

Here's a great activity to get your virtual learners logged off and logged in to nature! Time spent in nature helps kids move their bodies, stimulate their brains, and relax their nerves. Let's get those kids outside! 🍁🍂🍄🌳🐦