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What’s My Name, Hard Fescue!

Posted on February 21, 2012 by | Comments Off

Hard fescue_grass that is good for slopesOh, how I wish I had a copy of that photo that was in my handout at the Mid-Atlantic Horticulture Short Course this past week! It was a photo of beautiful blue-green soft, finely textured grass on a slope with a “DO NOT MOW” sign.

For those of you who do not relish the wonderful exercise and escape one achieves from being behind the rumble of a mower, here is your grass. Goodbye, artificial turf! What? Well, okay, you are right, “who uses artificial turf for a lawn?” I admit, I’m perhaps too enthusiastic on this “no mow” grass thing.

This grass is perfect for hills and steep slopes where it is difficult or “hard” to mow.  It is said that it can even handle a little salt diet if need be! This grass has to watch the salt intake though, no large doses.

What’s its name? Hard fescue (tall fescue’s cousin). It’s easy to remember – you can use it in “hard” places to mow like steep slopes. It does make a great lawn, and it really doesn’t have to be on a hill. Sometimes it comes mixed in with other fescue cousins.

Check it out, Mike Goatley, Jr., Professor and Extension Turfgrass specialist has said tall fescue is one of two “underutilized” grasses with definite environmental advantages:

•Cool-season grass
•Fine and slow-growing
•Works well in shade or drought
•Stands up to wear

Now that’s what I call a “cool season” grass with some clout!

For more on fescue grasses check out

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