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From Toilet to Tap – Extreme Water Reuse

COMMUNITY CENTERClean Water & WaterwaysFeb 5, 2015Rebekah Eastep

Author: Rebekah Eastep

We challenge everyone to choose tap over bottled water. But did you see Bill Gates challenge Jimmy Fallon to taste test drinking water that was formerly sewage? As you can probably imagine, it was pretty entertaining.

Jimmy Fallon’s toilet vs. tap taste test was made possible by the Bill Gates backed Omniprocessor. This revolutionary wastewater treatment technology can take our dirty water and clean it so thoroughly that it meets safe drinking water standards. And with no after taste! This revolutionary wastewater treatment system is a perfect go green trifecta – it cleans up sewage, produces safe drinking water, AND produces a small amount of electricity too. Now that’s a green solution!

Toilet to tap water might seem like a novelty here in the U.S. but the fact is that millions of people in the world live without access to safe and dependable public water systems. A solution like the Omniprocessor could significantly improve living conditions across the globe by decreasing waterborne illnesses and improving overall sanitation.

In Hampton Roads, we have three public water systems hard at work, day and night to keep us safe and comfortable. It’s a blessing that’s easily taken for granted. But we face our own challenges with water safety and dependability here in Hampton Roads. Learn about our aging water infrastructure and what you can do to help. If we don’t maintain our public water systems, we just might be taking the toilet vs. tap water taste test ourselves.

Watch the taste test now!



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