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Scrap Metal Recycling: Green & Good for Business

COMMUNITY CENTERRecycling & ReusingOct 20, 2014Guest Contributor

Author: Guest Contributor

Although the changing technology of today has made our lives easy and comfortable, the same has led to a negative impact on the environment. However, we can help change this negative impact to a positive one through recycling. Waste is filling up landfills and giving rise to toxic chemicals and greenhouse gases, causing a constant increase in pollution, habitat destruction and climate change. If we recycle waste, we will help reduce our dependence on landfills, preserve raw materials and save an abundance of energy.

Scrap metal is found in all sorts of waste including old vehicles, construction debris, electronics, appliances, and even aerosol cans. This dump metal is big business and scrap metal recyclers can be easily found no matter where you live. As a result, 45 percent of the world’s steel, 40 percent of copper and around one-third of total aluminum production now comes from recycled metal.

Scrap Metal Recycling…

  • Reduces Toxic Contamination of Water and Soil.

The foremost benefit of scrap metal recycling is to the environment. Corrosive elements present in metal have the tendency to pollute the air and ground as they decompose in landfills. These toxic chemicals and compounds can harm you and your family through groundwater and air pollution. When an effort to recycle this scrap metal is made, it clearly leads to promoting a cleaner environment and minimizes the toxic threats to human health.

  • Conserves Energy and Other Natural Resources.

There is a lot of energy consumption when new metals like aluminum, copper, iron and steel are manufactured. Along with that tons of other natural resources like bauxite, iron ore, coal, limestone and others are also used in their manufacturing process every year. Recycling of scrap metal conserves a high percentage of energy and all these natural resources.

  • Provides Cost-Savings to Manufacturers

The production of metal requires enormous energy and abundance of raw materials that can cost the manufacturers a plenty. If they make use of recycled scrap metal, the costs of mining, extraction and various other processes involved to yield the final product are considerably reduced, profiting the manufacturers. Since, the supply of recycled scrap metal is plentiful, it ensures the manufacturers that their supply is unlikely to run out.

  • Creates Jobs.

Scrap metal recycling has become big business! Look around Hampton Roads and it’s easy to find a scrap metal recycling service convenient to your home or office. With business booming, recyclers can employ many people locally. Workers are needed to collect, sort, breakdown and process all the scrap metal items that are turned in for recycling. Then of course there are the business managers selling recycled materials to re-claimers and manufacturers around the world and managing the day-to-day operations of the business. Remember when you recycle you are keeping your community cleaner and putting people to work right in your own community.

Australian blogger Ella Rich is an automotive lover and an ardent advocate of green living. As a blogger for Metal Recycling Melbourne, she tries to educate people about recycling and the role of recycling in keeping our planet clean and green.



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