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Scoop the Poop

Scoop Dog Poop

Doody call!

Walking Fido is a great way to get out of the house and get moving. But be prepared to “Scoop the Poop” when nature calls: bag it and put it in a trash can. You’ll keep your lawn and our public spaces looking nice, and you’ll also keep our local waterways clean.

  • When it rains, pet waste can be washed into the storm drain. From the storm drain, the polluted water flows directly to our streams, bay and ocean - polluting the water we swim in and harming aquatic life with high levels of nitrogen and bacteria.

    Excess nitrogen leads to rapid algae and weed growth in the waterway and produces cloudy, green, foul-smelling water. In turn, aquatic life suffers from depleted oxygen levels.

    When bacteria gets in our waterways, people are at risk of getting sick from swimming in the water.
  • Re-use plastic shopping bags for picking up pet waste.
  • Tie a couple of plastic bags to your dog’s leash, and you’ll always be prepared.
  • Always scoop the poop. Scoop it, bag it, and trash it! Take the Scoop-the-Poop Pledge today and consider applying for a Free Pet Waste Station for your neighborhood through our regional grant program.
  • Store extra plastic bags in your car in case you’re traveling with your dog and nature calls.
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