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Reusable Shopping Bags


Be a super hero shopper!

Our shopping habits make a difference. Reusable bags are the super hero of bags, boasting an average lifespan of more than 700 uses!

  • Did you know the average American uses 7 plastic bags each week? That's 364 bags a year! You can bring that number down by carrying at least one reusable bag every time you go to the grocery store.
  • We've all experienced that sinking feeling of getting to the checkout line and realizing "ah, I forgot my bags!" Repetition builds habits, and convenience is everything. Follow these tips to help remember your reusable bags:
  • After you unload your groceries, hang your reusable bags on your door knob so they're easy to grab and put in your car or carry with you next time you go out.
  • Write "reusable bags + recycle bags" on your grocery list to help remember your tote and to recycle your plastic bags and wrappers.
  • Store reusable bags in a handy and visible place in your car.
  • Carry a bag that compacts into a pocket-size stuff sack in your purse or on your key chain.
  • If you forget your bag, but only have a few items, ask to skip the plastic and carry out paid items.
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