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Before and since launching in early 2011, the Hampton Roads Planning District conducted two of three planned research surveys:

• To gauge the region’s environmental literacy, and to guide the direction of this region-wide environmental education and outreach campaign, an online benchmark survey was implemented in the fall 2010.

•  This was followed by a second online survey, conducted in the fall 2012, and a third survey, conducted in spring 2015 to see how the campaign was performing. Participants of all studies were made up of residents of the region’s 17 cities and counties.

So how are we doing? Overall, the surveys revealed that the campaign has proven effective in educating and modifying the behavior of its target audiences. In addition, those who are aware of are more likely to seek information, have more knowledge and report positive behaviors. However, the rate of change has slowed since the inception of the campaign.

In the meantime, team leaders are focusing on showing the connection between negative environmental behaviors and the resulting consequences, in addition to driving more people to the website. The surveys have consistently revealed that the more people are aware of, the more likely they are to adopt positive behaviors. And that’s what this campaign is all about. Baseline Survey Topline Summary Report (December 2, 2010) Focus Group Topline Summary Report (December 2, 2010) Focus Group Phase 2 Topline Summary Report (February 14, 2011) Total Survey (February 20, 2013) Total Survey (May 2015)


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