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Rain Barrels


Rain barrels save water and money!

A downspout that leads from the roof of a house to a hard surface like a driveway or sidewalk is essentially an HOV lane to the storm drain.

  • Rain water hits the roof and collects pollutants and debris on its way to the gutter. After being channeled to the downspout, it often shoots out onto a hard surface which always leads to a storm drain and results in polluted water.

    This all can be prevented by installing a rain barrel on your downspout. The collected rainwater then can be used at your convenience to water plants, wash your car and more.

    You'll also save money by reusing rainwater instead of water from your tap.
  • Use water captured in a rain barrel to fill a watering can or connect to a soaker hose, and water your plants.
  • Rinse off gardening and yard tools or wash your car with the rain water collected.
  • Water captured in a rain barrel keeps your compost bin moist.
  • When temperatures reach freezing, winterize your rain barrel. Remove the plug, open the valve and drain as much water as possible. Then dump remaining water into a grassy area. Clean dirt and debris from the bottom of the barrel. Last, store it indoors or flip it upside down to keep water out that could freeze and damage the barrel.
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