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Pool & Spa Maintenance

Pool Spa Maintenance

Stay in the swim with pool and spa maintenance tips!

The average swimming pool holds 19,000 gallons of water that may contain a variety of biocides, algaecides and other chemicals. These chemicals are toxic to the environment, wildlife and fish and should not be emptied onto your driveway or in the gutter where they flow to and pollute our waterways.

In fact, discharging water containing chemicals from pools, spas and fountains often is against local laws.

  • Before draining, let pool or spa water sit for several days without treating to allow chlorine to dissipate.
  • Add sodium thiosulphate to break down chlorine faster.
  • Maintain your pool's chemicals properly and avoid use of copper sulfate.
  • Water should not appear murky, and Ph level should be between 6.5 and 8.5 before draining.
  • Always drain water to a grassy area rather than let it flow to nearby storm drains.
  • Clean your pool or spa regularly. Maintain proper chlorine levels, water filtration and circulation.
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