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Plastic Bag Recycling


Give plastic bags and film a second chance!

HR Green is excited to announce A Bag’s Life campaign and partnership with Keep Virginia Beautiful! The campaign’s goal is to encourage Hampton Roads residents to reduce the amount of plastic bags they use, reuse the plastic bags they do have, and recycle their extra plastic bags at the proper facility. Plastic bags have become an unwelcome and unsightly addition to many waterways and public spaces. We can keep plastic bags in their place by taking them to one of the many grocery, retail and home improvement stores that recycle plastic bags and film. Visit A Bag’s Life to find the nearest location to you.

Our campaign partners are Geico, A Bag’s Life and Keep Virginia Beautiful, and we’re building more every day!





  • At this time, plastic bags cannot be recycled along with your home recyclables in the blue bin.

    You'll probably be surprised to know all the different types of plastic bags and film that can be recycled:
    • Shopping bags
    • Vegetable bags
    • Dry cleaning bags
    • Shipping bags
    • Newspaper bags
    • Plastic film from paper towels and toilet paper
    • And more!

    When plastic bags and film are recycled, the plastic is melted and then reshaped for a number of different reuses including lumber or little pellets which are then used for other plastic products.

    Recycling rates for plastic bags and film are very low, only about 12% according to the EPA. However, the demand for plastic is very high, and recycling is the best way to help meet that demand.
  • Hang a bag in your kitchen or pantry to stuff all your plastic bags and film into. This will make it easier for you to grab a bag to reuse when you need it.
  • Reuse your plastic bags for trash can liners, collecting pet waste, wrapping fragile items when shipping, storing dirty clothes when traveling or bagging groceries the next time you’re at the store.
  • Add “recycle plastic bags” to your grocery list.
  • When you’ve collected too many plastic bags and film, put them in your reusable shopping bag, and they’ll be ready to go to the store with you on your next trip.
  • Don’t forget you can recycle plastic shopping bags, dry cleaning bags, newspaper bags, plastic wrap from toilet paper and paper towels, plastic bags from your vegetables and more!
  • Plastic bags and film cannot be recycled in your home blue bin. They must be taken to a designated plastic bag and film recycling location. Visit A Bag's Life for the nearest location to you.
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