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Pet Waste Station Grant

pet waste station

Don’t let your neighborhood go to the dogs.

For a limited time, is offering free pet waste stations through a new grant program. If your Hampton Roads neighborhood/HOA/community association is ready to make scooping the poop a priority, then you’re invited to apply. Pet waste stations encourage residents to pick up after their pets by making it easy and convenient to do so. They are also one small thing a community can do to help keep our local waterways clean.

  • Scooping the poop is not only important for a clean neighborhood, it’s important for our local waterways. When pet waste is not picked up, it becomes a major source of pollution in our water. Rainwater carries nitrogen and bacteria from pet waste into our storm drains and directly into our rivers, lakes, and streams. This excess nitrogen and bacteria transform the water into a cloudy, green, foul-smelling mess that lacks oxygen and becomes an aquatic dead zone. The same pollution is responsible for beach closures, fishing restrictions and warnings on eating local seafood. Installing a pet waste station is one easy way to combat water pollution in your community.
  • Apply for the pet waste application grant online. Applications will be accepted as long as pet waste stations are in stock. Supplies are limited, so apply today!
  • This grant is open to any neighborhood, community group, or property management company with the ability to install and maintain the pet waste station. We give you the station, you keep it up!
  • All neighborhoods, community groups and property managers with the ability to do the following tasks are encouraged to apply for a free pet waste station.

    • Install the pet waste station within 45 days of receipt.
    • Use some method of advertisement to promote the installation, purpose and use of the pet waste station to the residents of the neighborhood.
    • Monitor the pet waste station regularly for the following items:

    o Garbage can is emptied when full
    o Pet waste bags are stocked and available for use
    o Garbage can liners are stocked and available for use
    o Pet waste bag replacements are ordered in a timely manner
    o Garbage can liners are ordered in a timely manner

  • To apply via e-mail, please review and fill out the pet waste station grant application and submit to To apply via mail, submit your application to:

    Hampton Roads Planning District Commission
    Attention: Pet Waste Station Grant
    723 Woodlake Drive
    Chesapeake, Virginia 23320
    fax: (757) 523-4881

    We would love to hear how the pet waste station impacted your community! Email us at to share your neighborhood’s experience with the pet waste station grant. Photos are welcome!
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