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news releasesNov 13, 2012

Green Learning Guides are Hot off the Press!

Do you know exactly where the water goes when it rains in Hampton Roads? Or the name of the watershed in which area residents reside? The region’s sixth grade students will when they immerse themselves in Green Learning, a free educational guide that is now available to all sixth grade classrooms in Hampton Roads, courtesy of

Written according to Virginia SOL guidelines by a team of experts who work in the region’s public works and public utilities departments, Green Learning connects students to their environment by combining educational information with colorful maps, bold graphics, puzzles and fun activities.

“We invite teachers to incorporate the Green Learning guide into their lesson plans, and we hope that students will take away tips to help them be good environmental stewards,” said Julia B. Hillegass, public information and community affairs administrator for the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission, which oversees

Green Learning is packed with interesting environmental information that is specific to the Hampton Roads region. Students will explore watersheds and what it means to live in the Chesapeake Bay watershed; learn how to prevent stormwater pollution and identify ways to help keep waterways clean; and analyze daily water use to learn ways they can conserve resources to become environmental stewards at home and at school. is in the process of distributing Green Learning to all sixth grade classes in the Hampton Roads area. In addition, has published an accompanying Teacher’s Guide that includes suggested resources and additional educational activities, as well as the SOLs met by each section of Green Learning.

To download Green Learning and the Teacher’s Guide visit For printed copies of Green Learning, please send an email request to




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