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It’s a Lean, Mean, REPURPOSABLE Machine!

COMMUNITY CENTERGreen Homes & BusinessesRecycling & ReusingFeb 27, 2015Sarah Crawford

Author: Sarah Crawford

bag beforeIf you already have one of the askHRgreen reusable bags, you know that it’s not just a bag…it’s a veggie-totin, pizza-packin, clothes-carryin, shoppin-stuffin, book bag of EPIC importance.  But that’s not all.  As I recently discovered, these bags are not only reusable, they’re REPURPOSABLE.  I had never thought of repurposing a reusable bag.  I mean, by simply using it for its intended purpose I can eliminate plastic bags from my routine. Feeling like a good little environmental steward doesn’t get any easier.

Unfortunately, although I keep reusable bags in the car I often forget to take them into the grocery store with me – greenie FAIL!  Fortunately, I work at HRSD, which started a plastic bag recycling program so when I do end up with more plastic bags than I can reuse (or other kinds of plastic film packaging) I can bring them into work to be recycled and feel a little better about my self-proclaimed greenie status.  As the saying goes:  Reduce, reuse, recycle.  Reduce usage first, reuse materials for as long as possible, and then recycle.  Check out A Bag’s Life to find a plastic bag recycling drop-off location convenient to you and increase your own greenie score.

Not just a bag!

Not just a bag!  Find out how to make this artist’s pouch at

But back to the reusable bags.  If you find yourself with more reusable bags than you are actually using, or if you have a damaged bag – don’t throw them away!  A typical non-woven polypropylene bag must be used at least 11 times before its carbon footprint is less than a single-use plastic bag.  Yikes.  Reusable bags collecting dust are NOT green (talk about a greenie-fail).  Repurpose instead.  Check out how Lisa’s son created an artist’s pouch from one of our reusable bags on her local blog, October Epiphany.

What other ideas do you have for your lean, mean, repurposable machine?