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Know the Cleanup Plays for your Gameday Graze

Posted on January 20, 2012 by | Comments (2)

How to dispose of fats oils and grease this Superbowl

Are you ready for some finger foods? The grand finale of pigskin parties is just around the corner and that means wings, ribs, meatballs, dips, and greasy appetizers galore! When you’re done planning the menu for the big game, have these kitchen cleanup plays handy to keep the plumber from crashing your party and ruining the festivities with a hefty bill:

  • Defend your pipes. Skip the garbage disposal! What gets left on the playing field should go in the trash, not down the sink. Even after a good shredding, food particles cling to pipes resulting in clogged drains and sewer backups.
  • Intercept the grease. Pour cooled oil and grease into a container, store it in the freezer to harden, then throw it away on trash day. Before washing dishes, scrape food particles and batters into the trash. Batters, sauces, and dairy products have a high fat content and can clog drains.
  • Block the scraps. The sink should never be the end zone for food. Use a sink strainer to catch the scraps when peeling, slicing, and cutting vegetables for coleslaw or vegetable trays.

No matter what team colors you wear on gameday, you can make it a green Super Bowl party this year from start to finish. Here’s how:

  • Send evites rather than paper invitations.
  • Take reusable totes to the grocery store to stock up on your game day snacks.
  • Serve locally-grown foods and locally crafted beverages to all your fans.
  • Use reusable plates, cups, utensils, and napkins when entertaining. If you have to use disposable products, make sure they are made from recycled content.
  • Put recycling containers in easy-to-find areas for your guests.
  • Send your guests home with leftovers.

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2 Responses to Know the Cleanup Plays for your Gameday Graze

  1. avatar Jim Long says:

    Thanks for sharing this and other good information on Hampton Roads Topics, Katie. Jim Long, 92.9 The Wave


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