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How to Choose a Responsible Electronics Recycler for your Business

Posted on February 26, 2013 by | Comments Off

Responsible Electronics Recycling is ImportantDid you know that a typical office space can contain as much as 50 pounds of electronics equipment per worker? Personal electronics not only contain valuable components that can be recycled, they also contain something that has great value to criminals, personal information.  So what is a business or a resident to do?

The most important step is to use an authorized and licensed electronics handler that can guarantee destruction of personal or business data as well as proper dismantling and resale. Look for the following certifications in an electronics recycling program:

You may also want to request a list of downstream vendors the company normally sells to. It is best if all materials are handled and dismantled in the US. Once dismantled, products can be sold in bulk to processors worldwide to make new products

For more business electronics recycling information, please use the search function, or contact your local recycling coordinator. For residential electronics recycling information, please visit

Article written by committee member Dan Baxter, Business Recycling Coordinator, City of Newport News, VA


Posted in: Reduce reuse and recycle

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