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How to Build a Rain Barrel

DIY Rain Barrel

You can purchase a rain barrel at a hardware store, but if you prefer to make one yourself, follow these simple steps to make one at home using a heavy duty plastic trash can. It only takes a few minutes, and the cost savings are substantial.

Parts you’ll need:
1 – Heavy duty trash can
1 – ½” Hose bib1 – 6” Chimney pipe trim collar
2 – ½” Faucet tailpipe nuts
2 – #15 O-rings1 – ½” Threaded nipple
1 – ½” Threaded PVC extender
4 – Small screws
1 – piece 7”x 7” nylon screen

Drill w/ screw tip
¾” paddle drill bit
Tin Snips or Jig Saw

Drill ¾” hole approximately 3” to 4” from bottom of barrel.
Drill ¾” hole near top of barrel.
Screw ½” threaded nipple into hose bib and insert into bottom hole.
Slide O-ring over threaded nipple from inside of barrel and screw on faucet tailpipe nut until secure.
Insert ½” threaded PVC extender into upper hole.
Slide O-ring onto threaded end from inside and secure with faucet tailpipe nut.
Cut 5” hole in trash can lid using tin snips or jigsaw.
Trim nylon screening to fit chimney pipe trim collar.
Place screen, then trim cover over hole in lid and attach with screws.
It is recommended to sit rain barrel on two concrete blocks to provide for a level surface.

Total construction time averages 10 to 15 minutes, and the cost is approximately $45 depending on the size of the trash can purchased.

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