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Graffiti hurts us all!

Graffiti sends a message to citizens and visitors that people don’t care about their neighborhood. Graffiti also decreases property values and deters business and tourism. Community paint-brush murals can be an effective prevention strategy. Although they are occasionally defaced by graffiti, they instill a sense of pride among youth and other community members who have helped create them.

  • Keep America Beautiful's Graffiti Hurts® program states that graffiti is the most common type of property vandalism and that graffiti removal requires a large amount of a locality's budget.
  • Keep America Beautiful's Graffiti Hurts® program has 12 tips for graffiti prevention:
  • Encourage citizen reporting.
  • Keep up the neighborhood.
  • Remove graffiti promptly.
  • Enforce anti-graffiti laws.
  • Educate youth.
  • Use an "adopt-a-spot" program.
  • Create a paintbrush mural.
  • Change the environment.
  • Employ graffiti resistant surfaces.
  • Monitor graffiti-prone locations.
  • Employ curfews.
  • Provide alternatives.
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