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Electronics Recycling

Electronics Recycling

E-cycling: don’t just toss out those old electronics.

The latest and greatest electronic devices seem to be unveiled faster than you can say the 3Rs. Proper electronic recycling is paramount because electronics contain hazardous waste such as lead, mercury and cadmium, which can be released into the air, soil and water and cause health and environmental risks. So, think before you toss. If your electronic device still works, donate it to a second-hand store or re-sell it to further its life. If the electronic device does not work, take it to a responsible electronic recycler.

 Cox ConservesCox Conserves  proudly supports electronics recycling and has partnered with to promote where residents can drop off their unwanted electronics for safe and responsible recycling.


2017 Electronics Recycling Event Dates
City Location Times Dates
Chesapeake Varies by date 9 a.m. to noon Mar 11, Apr 22, Jun 10, Sept 9, Oct 21, Nov 18
(Open to all residents of Hampton, Poquoson, Williamsburg, James City County)

Hampton Coliseum Parking Lot Coliseum Dr, Hampton

to 12:00 Noon
March 18, May 20, July 15, September 16, November 18
Isle of Wight County County operates 8 Refuse & Recycling Centers that collect electronics Hours vary by location Year Round
Newport News 550 Atkinson Way 8:00 AM 
to 4:00 PM
Year Round
(open Friday &
Closed on City Observed Holidays)
Norfolk                         (Open to all residents and any business on the Norfolk waste collection system)


Division of Waste Management, 
1176 Pineridge Road 
10:00 AM 
to 2:00 PM
Year Round (open Monday- Saturday)
Division of Towing, 1188-A Lance Road  24 hours a day Year Round
(7 days a week)
(Open to all residents of Hampton, Poquoson, Williamsburg, James City County)
Poquoson Municipal Building,
Municipal Drive
8:00 AM
to 12:00 Noon
October 7
Surry County
Goodson Path Collection Site,
409 Goodson Path
(off Rt. 10 W.)
Weekdays from 7am-7pm
Weekends and holidays from 8am-4pm
Year Round
(7 days a week)
Virginia Beach 
(Open to all Virginia Beach residents)
Resource Recovery Center, City Landfill 1989 Jake Sears Road 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM Year Round
(open Tuesday – Saturday,
Closed on City Observed Holidays)
James City County

(Open to all residents of Hampton, Poquoson, Williamsburg, James City County)
Warhill High School, 4615 Opportunity Way 8:00 AM
to 12:00 Noon
February 11, April 8, June 10, August 12, October 14
York County
(Open to all residents of Hampton, Poquoson, Williamsburg, James City County)
County Drive, Yorktown (off of Goodwin Neck Rd) 8:00 AM
to 12:00 Noon
March 11, May 13, July 8, September 9, November 11

Check the Good To Do section below for additional electronics recycling information.

  • A reputable recycler does not ship electronics to developing countries for processing where men, women and children work under hazardous conditions and toxins are improperly disposed of into the environment.

    The EPA recognizes the e-Stewards® Recycler certification program and the Responsible Recycling Practices for Electronics Recyclers (R2) certification program for their advancement of environmentally-safe practices and standards. You can locate facilities that have earned the e-Stewards® Recycler certification by visiting to ensure that electronics will not be sent to other countries improperly for processing.

    Don't forget that electronics can have value even if they're broken. The metal, plastic and glass that is extracted can be sold and reused again. Properly recycled electronic parts can be used in many new products including car parts or furniture.
  • Keep electronics out of the trash!
  • Donate for reuse:

    National Cristina Foundation If your computer still works and is less than 5 years old, visit The National Cristina Foundation (NCF) website, a non-profit that works with companies and individuals to donate computers and other technology to charities, schools and other public agencies.
  • Recycle:

    Locality Programs: If your electronics are old and broken, you can take them to a local e-cycling event. See the chart above of e-cycling events in your locality or contact your Recycling & Litter Prevention Program Managers for a list of acceptable items and the date and location of the next e-cycling event in your area.

    VersAbility Resources: Through VersAbility’s e-Recycling program, individuals with disabilities earn wages by disassembling computers and keeping tons of waste and harmful materials out of local landfills. You can recycle your old computer by dropping it off at VersAbility’s sites in Hampton or Gloucester, or VersAbility can come to your business to pick-up large quantities (pick-up fees do apply). Due to the expense of recycling, there are nominal fees for monitors and televisions based on screen size.

    For more information on e-Recycling, contact Marse Wideman at (757) 896-8439 or

    Goodwill: Dell Computers has partnered with Goodwill through the Dell Reconnect program to recycle residential computers. Residents can bring in any brand of computer equipment in any condition and recycle it for free. TVs are not accepted. Use the Find a Location Feature at to see if a Goodwill store near you participates in the program. The proceeds from your donation are all returned to Goodwill, and you get a receipt for tax purposes.

    Earth911: Use the recycling locator tool at to find an e-recycling program including mail-in programs that offer cash for used electronics.

    Verizon Device Recycling Program: The Verizon Device Recycling Program accepts used devices from any carrier. After thoroughly clearing/destroying personal data from the devices received, the first priority is to renew used devices for reuse, especially in developing countries where they are needed most. By doing so, access to affordable, life-changing wireless technology is provided to people around the world. When wireless devices cannot be renewed and must be recycled, Verizon adheres to a zero landfill policy, to keep e-waste out of landfills.

    Best Buy: Best Buy stores accept a variety of electronics including TVs, computers, cellphones and most home electronics. Contact your local Best Buy store for drop off instructions and any restrictions on accepted items.

    For additional information on e-Waste vendors and non-profits doing work in Virginia, visit the Department of Environmental Quality's comprehensive list of e-cycling vendors.
  • Protect Yourself: Always remove all personal information from your computer before donating or recycling. The Microsoft Windows XP installation CD, Microsoft Windows Vista installation DVD, and the Apple OS-X Installation DVD contain disk management tools that can be used to overwrite the data on drive. In addition, the following software programs can also be used to overwrite information stored on the hard drive:

    DBAN "Darik's Boot and Nuke"
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