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Nov 2, 2017

Clog-Free Holiday Season

Don’t feed your drain this holiday season.

With all the cooking going on, be sure to properly dispose of leftover fats, oils and grease.

So maybe you’re the designated holiday cook. Or you’re in charge of one dish. Or, lucky you, you’re on clean-up detail. Whatever job you have this holiday, be sure to keep FOG—fats, oils and grease—out of the drain, garbage disposal, and ultimately the sewer system.

What happens when fog goes down the drain?

When poured or washed down the drain, FOG builds up on pipe walls, restricting the flow of wastewater exiting our home’s plumbing. Over time, FOG leads to blockages that result in overflows into our homes or onto our streets, down storm drains, and into local waterways, all posing a serious risk to public health. Yikes. Don’t add a sewer backup to your list of holiday activities.

What can you do to stay in a holiday mood?

  • Keep your drain fat free.
  • Can the Grease – Pour used cooking grease into an empty, heat-safe container (like a soup can) and freeze it. Once it’s solidified, toss the can into the garbage. If you’re frying a turkey, you can do this, or strain the frying oil and reuse it by storing it in the original container.
  • Scrape Your Plate – Wipe all pots, pans, dishes, and cooking utensils with a paper towel prior to washing to absorb the grease.
  • Catch the Scraps – Minimize use of the garbage disposal. Catch food scraps in your sink with a basket or strainer and toss them into the trash or compost bin.

If you’re frying a turkey, here’s what to do with the leftover oil.

  • Don’t let the Grease Grinch spoil your holiday fun.
  • Store the oil in the original container for reuse. Strain out any particles and freeze. Oil can be kept for up to six months and reused for up to six hours of fry time.
  • Freeze it and then throw the hardened oil away on trash day.
  • Recycle it at your community’s transfer or recycling center.
  • Mix it with unscented kitty litter, sawdust or sand to solidify the oil. Dispose of it in the trash. Avoid scented or disinfectant types of kitty litter as they can react with the oil and cause a fire.

Make sure you don’t need a holiday visit from the plumber.

The actions we take every day impact the way we live in our homes and in our communities.

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