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Your Community

On your block and in your city.

Look here for “good to know” ways to improve the appearance of your block, neighborhood and city—while contributing to the health of your Hampton Roads environment.

Aging Water Infrastructure

Water Value
Our Aging Water Infrastructure Over 1.5 million people in Hampton Roads are served by public water systems every day. As a regi [Read more]

Air Quality

Air Quality
Clean air is healthy air. The most widespread kinds of air pollution are ozone (smog) and particle pollution (soot), but breathin [Read more]

Autos: Fuel Efficiency

Autos Fuel Efficiency
Put the brakes on fuel inefficiency. Using fuel more efficiently reduces our dependence on oil, saves money and reduces climate c [Read more]

Bay Star Homes Program

Clean Waterways Begin at Home! Small steps add up and start in the home. By making a few small adjustments to our daily habits in [Read more]

Car Wash

Car washing woes. Did you know that washing your car can cause harm to our local waterways? When vehicles are washed on hard sur [Read more]

Cigarette Litter

No butts about it! Cigarette butts are the most littered item in America! Cigarette butts on the ground instantly turn a beautif [Read more]

Cleaning Industry

Keep it clean at the office! Carpet, drape and upholstery cleaning activities generate a variety of pollutants that are dispose [Read more]

Fundraiser Car Wash

Car Washing is not a team sport. For many clubs and teams, car washing is a fundraising ritual. However, most people don’t re [Read more]

Golf Tournament

2nd Annual Keep Hampton Roads Beautiful Golf Tournamentpresented by and Keep Virginia Beautiful Monday, October [Read more]


Graffiti hurts us all! Graffiti sends a message to citizens and visitors that people don't care about their neighborhood. Graff [Read more]

Living Shorelines

Living Shorelines
Give your shoreline new life! Many shorelines, especially those on residential properties, have their native plants, grasses and [Read more]

Media Toolkit

Download and use digital and print materials developed by and useful for civic leagues, community groups, home owne [Read more]

Pet Waste Station Grant

pet waste station
Don't let your neighborhood go to the dogs. For a limited time, is offering free pet waste stations through a new g [Read more]

Public Water Systems

Our Water Systems
In Hampton Roads, three very important water systems make up our regional infrastructure. Each system has a separate and specific [Read more]

Scoop the Poop

Scoop Dog Poop
Doody call! Walking Fido is a great way to get out of the house and get moving. But be prepared to "Scoop the Poop" when nature c [Read more]

Scoop the Poop Pledge

Why Scoop the Poop? Poop pollutes! Pet waste is high in bacteria and nitrogen. When it rains, pet waste is washed into storm drai [Read more]

Storm Drain Medallion Program

Only rain down the storm drain! There are thousands of storm drains across Hampton Roads that all lead to our waterways, and we n [Read more]

Stormwater Runoff

Stormwater runoff puts pollution on the fast-track. The flow of rain or melted snow over parking lots, sidewalks, streets and oth [Read more]


Free water bottle refills on the go It’s one thing to fill up your water bottle at home in your kitchen sink or at the office, [Read more]

The Great American Cleanup

The Great American CleanupTM is here! The Great American CleanupTM is the largest grassroots community involvement program in [Read more]

Total Maximum Daily Load

Total Maximum Daily Load
The Chesapeake Bay Diet. You may be aware of cleanup efforts and pollution diets for the Chesapeake Bay. Total Maximum Daily Loa [Read more]

Water Quality Toolkit

We’re surrounded by water here in Hampton Roads. It’s everywhere. And important information about water quality can be found a [Read more]

Watershed Restoration Groups

Watershed Restoration Groups
Get involved and get the health of our waterways back on track! [Read more]

What Do You Know? Video Series

The experts at get asked lots of questions from residents of Hampton Roads who want an easier, greener lifestyle. B [Read more]

What Not To Flush

askHRgreen What not to Flush
Don’t use the toilet as a trash can! Your toilet is not a trash can. And if you use it as one, please reconsider! The sanitary [Read more]