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Your Classroom

Green Learning Educational Guide

Do you know exactly where the water goes when it rains in Hampton Roads? Or the name of the watershed in which you reside? Green [Read more]

HR Green Mini-Grant Program

Get some green for your project. offers environmental education mini-grants of up to $500. The mini-grants are int [Read more]

Media Toolkit

Download and use digital and print materials developed by and useful for civic leagues, community groups, home owne [Read more]

Recycling at School

3Rs = Reduce, Reuse, RecycleSimple formula, huge impact. Bring recycling to your school by following this all inclusive guide for [Read more]

Storm Drain Medallion Program

Only rain down the storm drain! There are thousands of storm drains across Hampton Roads that all lead to our waterways, and we n [Read more]

Take The Green Classroom Pledge

If you are a teacher in the Hampton Roads area, you can bring additional value to your student's education by implementing green p [Read more]

Water Quality Toolkit

We’re surrounded by water here in Hampton Roads. It’s everywhere. And important information about water quality can be found a [Read more]

What Do You Know? Video Series

The experts at get asked lots of questions from residents of Hampton Roads who want an easier, greener lifestyle. B [Read more]