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Winterize Your Pipes


Be prepared to take the freeze out of winter.

Freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on your pipes during the winter season. There are simple things you can do to prevent the high cost of repairs and water loss due to burst pipes. A little preparation now really can help save our most precious resource, as well as save you money.

  • Insulate exposed pipes and replace any wet insulation.
  • Wrap outside faucets and keep the wrapping dry.
  • Eliminate drafts from cracks, vents, windows or doors near your pipes.
  • Disconnect and drain garden hoses.
  • Check your meter box cover. If it's missing or broken, call your local utility office for repair service.
  • Winter's freeze may hit in spite of your efforts, so if your pipes do freeze...locate your shut off valve and turn the water off.
  • Never try to thaw frozen pipes with an open flame! Not only is that dangerous, but a fire hazard as well.
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