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Turkey Frying Facts

askHRgreen Turkey fryer oil fats grease disposal on Thanksgiving. Don't clog the sink or drain

Turkey Frying Facts.

Disposing of gallons of fryer oil can seem overwhelming. What do you do with it all? Pouring it down the kitchen sink or the storm drain is simply asking for a clogged pipe. Instead, choose one of the following options. For best results, use a container with a tight-fitting lid:

• Store the oil in the original container for reuse. Strain out any particles and freeze. Oil can be kept for up to six months and reused for up to six hours of fry time.
• Freeze it and then throw the hardened oil away on trash day.
• Mix it with unscented kitty litter, sawdust or sand to solidify the oil. Dispose of it in the trash. Avoid scented or disinfectant types of kitty litter as they can react with the oil and cause a fire.
• Recycle it at your community’s transfer or recycling center.

Refer to this Turkey Frying Facts sheet for more on the subject.

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