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Telephone Books & Junk Mail


Mailbox manners and phone book etiquette!

According to Tree Hugger, “an estimated 650,000 tons of phone books are distributed to America’s 100+ million households” each year.

The EPA estimates the national recycling rate of phone books is 18%, therefore only 117,000 tons of phone books are recycled each year, many of them on the day that they are received.

What about junk mail? According to the US Postal Service, American households received a total of 85 billion pieces of junk mail (referred to as advertising mail) in 2009 alone which averages out to approximately 14 pieces a week.

  • Is junk mail taking over your mailbox? The Federal Trade Commission website explains how you can have your name removed from unsolicited mailing lists.
  • Yellow Pages lets you opt out of receiving Yellow Page Directories.
  • Junk mail and phone books can be recycled in your curbside bin or at a convenience center. Remember to remove all personal information from junk mail before recycling. Shredded paper also is recyclable.
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