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Tap vs. Bottled Water


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Bottled water can drain your bank account…

We don’t often stop to consider the value of tap water, but it plays an important role in our everyday lives. Tap water delivers public health, support for our growing economy, protection from the threat of fire, and the overall quality of life we enjoy as citizens of Hampton Roads – all at an affordable price.

It’s one thing to fill up your water bottle at home in your kitchen sink or at the office, but what about when you’re out and about? Cafés and restaurants around Hampton Roads have partnered with the TapIt™ program to give you free access to clean water on the go.

  • You can pay a dollar or more for a bottle of designer water or, for that same dollar, you could refill a 20 oz sports bottle from any Hampton Roads faucet over 1,500 times. Your dollar goes a long way when it comes to tap water!

    The Container Recycling Institute estimates that 22 billion water bottles end up in landfills each year. Since plastics aren’t biodegradable, the bottles stick around for hundreds of years.

    Not only that, but only about 1/4 of plastic bottles used by Americans get recycled. Many end up on roadways and in parks, oceans, streams and lakes, posing a risk to wildlife.
  • Fill 'er up! Grab a reusable bottle (or two) and take your tap to go! Whether you're heading to work, the gym, the park or just hanging around the house, keep a bottle of tap water handy. You'll fulfill your thirst without emptying your pockets! That's savings that's good for the environment AND your wallet!
  • Fill a pitcher with tap water and store it in the 'fridge rather than running the tap every time you want a drink of cold water.
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