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Smart Water Use: Indoor


Water conservation starts with just a drop in the bucket.

Hampton Roads residents would be amazed by how much water they could save simply by paying a little closer attention to the ways in which they use it. Drop by drop, it all adds up –small changes in lifestyle can add up to huge water savings.

  • Around the House
    • Build a compost pile instead of using your garbage disposal.
    • Insulate your water heater and all water pipes.
    • Recycle water from fish tanks by using it to water plants. It's rich in nitrogen and phosphorous and makes for a great, inexpensive fertilizer!
  • In the Kitchen
    • Fill a pitcher with tap water and store it in the fridge rather than running the tap every time you want a drink of cold water.
    • Defrost frozen food in the refrigerator or microwave instead of running water over it.
    • When washing dishes by hand, use two basins. Wash dishes in one and rinse dishes in the other rather than letting the water run.
    • Install inexpensive aerators in all faucets.
    • Drain or use a pan to wash fruits and vegetables. When finished, use it to water houseplants.
    • Run the dishwasher only when full.
    • Do not pre-rinse items for the dishwasher.
  • In the Laundry Room
    • Use the proper water-level setting when washing clothes. If your machine's water level cannot be adjusted, do FULL loads only.
    • Use the perma-press cycle on your machine only when necessary. It uses 1/3 more water than the regular settings.
  • In the Bathroom
    • Check toilets and faucets for leaks, and repair promptly.
    • Install flow restrictions and/or low-flow showerheads.
    • Install a low-flow toilet or modify your toilet with an inexpensive flushing device that reduces the amount of water used during each flush cycle.
    • Take shorter showers! Try turning the water off while shampooing or soaping up.
    • Turn the faucet off when brushing your teeth or shaving!
    • NEVER use the toilet as a wastebasket!
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