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Recyclable Household Items

What household items can I recycle?

All recycling in Hampton Roads is now single stream. That means you can put all your recyclables in together. Visit the Recycling Information By Locality Resource for links to a full list of what is accepted in your locality.

Here’s a list of commonly accepted recyclables for your curbside container or the convenience center:

• Newspaper
• Glass (clear, brown, green)
• Plastic bottles & jugs (please remove lids from those with a spout)
• Steel cans
• Unwanted mail
• Cardboard (corrugated, cardboard & chipboard)
• Magazines
• Telephone books
• Aluminum cans
• Aluminum foil and pie plates

You CANNOT put the following items in your recycling bin:

• Aerosol cans
• Motor oil
• Paint cans
• Pizza boxes
• Wood products
• Yard waste
• Plastic bags. These must be returned to a store that recycles them. Enter your zip code to find the nearest participating store locations to you. You can recycle bags at participating stores even if they are not from that store. Isle of Wight County residents can bring plastic bags to convenience centers and deposit in containers labeled “Plastic Bag Recycling.”

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