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Rain Barrel Basics

Rain barrel basics.

“Rain barrels come in several different shapes and sizes, but they all do the same thing: they save water and decrease stormwater runoff. Placed at the base of a downspout, a typical rain barrel can hold 55-75 gallons of water at one time. When connected to a watering hose, a rain barrel provides a ready supply for watering gardens, trees and even indoor plants.

Rain barrels can be purchased from garden supply centers or easily built. The Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s rain barrel project guide describes step-by-step how to build and install a safe and effective rain barrel. This project is inexpensive and easy enough for most students to complete, with some help from adults. Although their rain barrels are specifically designed with schoolyards in mind, they would work just as well at a home, community center, religious center or any other private property. All you need is a roof with exterior downspouts!

Download the Rain Barrel Construction Guide that walks you through the why, where and how of installing your rain barrel.

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