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Native Plants to Hampton Roads

A colorful guide to Hampton Roads’ native plants.

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has published a colorful guide of the plants that are native to Hampton Roads and all areas in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

This publication includes those pictures as well as user-friendly information on native species appropriate for planting in the Chesapeake Bay watershed and adjacent coastal regions. Although one guide cannot furnish the answers to every question, it includes as much useful information as possible in a limited space. While the large number of species of plants included here may overwhelm some readers, this guide displays the great diversity of plants available. It was written with the hope that readers will bypass the over-used, non-native and sometimes invasive ornamental plants, and select the equally and often more attractive native plants for their yards. Pore through this guide the same way you look through nursery catalogs. Use it to plan and design your next planting, whether it’s a small corner of your front yard, a two-acre meadow seeding, or 100 acres of wetland restoration.

Download the colorful guide for a list of plants native to Hampton Roads.

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