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Healthy Drinking Water

Healthy Drinking Water

Clean water flows from your tap!

We live in a world where more than a billion people are without access to safe, clean drinking water. Each year, an estimated 3 million people worldwide die from preventable waterborne disease. Yet, in Hampton Roads, we can drink from virtually any public tap with the highest level of confidence.

  • To ensure our tap water is safe for everyone to drink, the Environmental Protection Agency requires water utilities to routinely test the drinking water for certain contaminants like bacteria, pesticides and heavy metals. Our water is continuously tested, and always meets or exceeds the EPA standards for safe drinking water.

    We don’t often stop to consider the value of tap water, but it plays an important role in our everyday lives. Tap water delivers public health, support for our growing economy, protection from the threat of fire, and the overall quality of life we enjoy as citizens of Hampton Roads – all at an affordable price.
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