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Hi, there! It's that time of year to talk about...

Water Leaks: Find and Fix Them

Hi, there! It's that time of year to talk about...

What Not to Flush

Hi, there! It's that time of year to talk about...

The Great American Cleanup

Clean Water & Waterways

Maintaining Our Infrastructure

Over 1.5 million people in Hampton Roads are served by public water systems every day. As a region, our daily water use is approximately 135 million gallons. When you pay your utility bill, you’re making an investment in the future of these essential quality-of-life services.

The money you invest is for more than water and sewer use, it’s also for the people needed to operate and maintain these systems, as well as the often unseen network of pipes and equipment that carry water to and from our homes. Beneath our cities, there is a vast amount of infrastructure — more than 6,500 miles of water distribution pipeline and 5,800 miles of sanitary sewer lines throughout Hampton Roads. These systems, and the people who maintain them, work silently and reliably to keep the water flowing. Because they are out of sight, we often take them for granted, but their proper maintenance is essential.

As our water and sewer pipes age, it’s important that municipalities plan ahead to upgrade and replace this critical infrastructure. Throughout Hampton Roads, our citizens can currently see the return on their investments with ongoing water and sanitary sewer construction projects. Although public water systems were built to last many decades, it’s important to keep up the momentum as communities grow and pipes approach the end of their expected serviceability.


Our infrastructure was built to last, but eventually it must be replaced.

  • As our pipes age and our communities grow, we need water and sewer systems that are capable of meeting our needs. When you pay your utility bill, a portion of it goes toward future system upgrades. You’re investing in the future.

Water is a great value.

  • Compare the price of water to other household needs. Most households pay just $1 a day for all their water needs. Water is essential for good health and hygiene, it protects our communities from the risk of fire, and it fuels our economies. It’s hard to imagine a day without life-sustaining water.


Don’t take water for granted.

  • Water is life. The water we have now is all we’ll ever have, so we must use it wisely. Fix household leaks that waste water. Responsible water use makes a big difference in preserving and protecting our water resources.

Protect our wastewater collection systems from blockages.

  • Your home’s plumbing and the municipal wastewater collection systems can clog when not used properly. Sewer backups are unpleasant, and simple practices can avoid major problems for you and your neighbors. Take care to avoid costly visits from a plumber. Do not put grease down the drain. Dispose of paper towels, wipes, feminine hygiene products, etc. in the trash, where they belong.

Stay informed about water quality issues.

  • Learn more about what happens to the water you drink and use. Start by reading and understanding your locality’s annual water quality report:




We live in a beautiful region surrounded by water. It impacts everything from the food we eat to the fun we have as well as our economic livelihood. Our daily actions have a lasting impact and it's up to us to protect and restore our waterways. It takes a community of individuals making small changes to make a difference. Bay Star Homes is one way you can get involved in the effort to protect our region's most defining natural resource, water.

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