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Green Up Your BBQs & Tailgates

Posted on August 16, 2011 by | Comments (1)

Recycling Space Saver for Your Party

A recycling space-saver for your next BBQ

A colleague showed me this clever device she had won as a door prize at a recent conference of recycling folks.  It’s called a flingsTM bin and it is a recycling receptacle.   I got so excited, I immediately made her open it so we could ponder the potential of this latest widget to encourage recycling.

The flingsTM bin is a pop-up recycling station.  Sounds good in theory, right?!  But it is merely a temporary recycling center.

You still have to dump the container into your official recycling bin because you can’t recycle the flingsTM bin.  You can put it in the trash–it claims to be biodegradable–but only after you empty it.  Kind of seems like double work to me.  The rigid sides look like mini-blind slats which, if I recall, are NOT biodegradable.  So my excitement waned.  But if you need smaller, temporary containers for your next party, tailgate or BBQ, the flingsTM bin may be the space saver you’ve been looking for.

Join the conversation and let us know about your favorite gizmo to make greening Hampton Roads a bit easier!

Posted in: Beautification, Don't litter!, Going Green, Household tips, Outdoor tips, plastic bags, Reduce reuse and recycle

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One Response to Green Up Your BBQs & Tailgates

  1. avatar amrita rao says:

    i made something for my technology project at school which holds open a bag so i can hold it open with one hand and also clean the gutter with the other.
    does that count??


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