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Cleaning out my inbox…

Posted on September 20, 2011 by | Comments (1)

letter in an inboxIf you are like me your e-mail inbox is always full of a lot of junk mail. Sometimes the headlines are intriguing and other times you just know to hit delete. Well today one of the intriguing headlines popped up in my in-box, “Did the recent storms hurt our waterways?

I guess this headline struck my attention because I have been so busy the past few weeks trying to clean-up from our recent storms that this question never crossed my mind. So my question to you is “Do storms impact our water quality?” If you think storms do play a role in our waterways then let me know how and what we might do together to make a difference next time. If you think that water is water so it is not a big deal then let me know why you feel this way.

I think it would be beneficial to hear from you and start a conversation. It sounds much more interesting than cleaning out my inbox today.

Posted in: Don't litter!, Keeping storm drains free, Lawn and landscape, Outdoor tips, Uncategorized, Waterways

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One Response to Cleaning out my inbox…

  1. avatar Jerry Hoddinott says:

    Storms will affect waterways by washing herbicides and pesticides that homeowners put on their lawns and farmers on their fields. Using these chemicals responsibily (recommended dosage) and in a timely manner (not right before a storm!) will help keep waterways healthy. These strategies save time and money.


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