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Cleaning Industry


Keep it clean at the office!

Carpet, drape and upholstery cleaning activities generate a variety of pollutants that are disposed in the wash and rinse water.

  • Soap and other cleaners used contain phosphorus which acts as a super food for aquatic algae in our local waterways. Too much algae is harmful because it degrades water quality and eliminates oxygen needed for fish and other aquatic life.

    It is illegal to dispose polluted wash water into the storm drain system.
  • Use dry methods such as sweeping, vacuuming or absorbents to cleanup. Wet cleaning methods may be implemented only if adequate precautions are taken to prevent the discharge of wash water or other pollutants into the storm drain system.
  • Wastewater may NOT be disposed into the storm drain system or receiving waters.
  • Wastewater should be disposed into a holding tank or sewer system, as allowed by the local sewer district. Wastewater from holding tanks should be disposed into the sanitary sewer at the business’s headquarters or another approved location.
  • Maintain cleaning equipment (tanks, hoses and fittings) to prevent wastewater leaks.
  • Wash water and rinse water may be directed to an approved sanitary sewer or landscaped area, with permission from the property owner. Landscaped areas must be capable of absorbing the water and should not cause any additional pollutants or erosion.
  • Consider using non-toxic or less hazardous products whenever possible.
  • Store all materials and waste in a manner that prevents contact with rainfall and runoff.
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