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Cigarette-Butt/Kick Butt Littering Pledge


Support Clean Communities & Waterways.
Take the Kick Butt Pledge Today!

I pledge to…

Know it!

• Cigarette butts are the most littered item in America.
• Cigarette butts are NOT biodegradable. They contain plastic and take a long time to decompose.
• Cigarette butts and other litter get washed into storm drains and out to local waterways on rainy days.

Throw it!

• Smokers: Always put your cigarette butt in an appropriate ash receptacle – not on the ground or out a car window.
• Non-smokers: Support initiatives that place ash receptacles near entrances, parking lots and designated smoking areas to help smokers make the right disposal choice.

Grow It!

• Encourage others to take the pledge against cigarette litter. Share what you’ve learned about cigarette litter on social media using #NoCigaretteLitterNow.
• Organize a community cleanup in your neighborhood or local park to let the world know your community is cared for! People are less likely to litter in a community that is litter free. 


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