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Chesapeake Tap Water Wins People’s Choice Award

Posted on June 1, 2017 by | Comments Off

h2o-1610746_960_720The City of Chesapeake was recently declared the Peoples’ Choice in a Tap Water Taste Test conducted by the Virginia chapter of the American Water Works Association (AWWA). This was the fourth year the VA AWWA has held the taste test competition at their three-day Water Distribution Seminar and Utility Rodeo. The event is modeled after the National AWWA Distribution & Plant Operations Conference, a leading educational conference for water system operators nationwide. The tap water taste test is a non-scientific, friendly competition intended to highlight the importance of taste and quality in drinking water, a vital public health resource. A utility is only eligible to enter the competition if they have no violations of bacteriological, chemical or monitoring data. 

Here’s how the taste test works: Conference attendees are given numbered paper cups containing samples of tap water served at ambient temperature. After tasting all samples, they record their choice of the best tasting water. The city that receives the most votes is awarded the Peoples’ Choice.

The award-winning tap water was submitted from Chesapeake’s Northwest River Water Treatment Plant. The city uses the latest advances in water treatment processes such as reverse osmosis and microfiltration. As this recent recognition indicates, it is clear they know how to make excellent drinking water in Chesapeake. Cheers!

Posted in: Clean and safe tap water

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