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Bulk It Up!

Posted on March 4, 2013 by | Comments Off

Buying in Bulk Saves!I don’t know about you, but I get really excited when I see bulk bins at local grocery stores.  It means I can choose as much or as little as I want – I’m in charge of that purchase!  (I’m sure my mom would point out that it’s clearly a control issue but I’m okay with that.) 

And recently I’ve learned a lot more about buying in bulk that makes me like it even more.  Let’s break it down with a few facts from the BIG (Bulk Is Green) organization.

  • Bulk allows for less packaging waste.  You can use your own, reusable containers or even if you use the containers they provide, they are usually a far less wasteful option than standard food packaging.
  • Bulk goods require less transportation overall.  They don’t have any packaging that would have transportation costs and their transportation is more efficient because it’s packed more densely on the delivery truck.
  • Bulk allows you to buy only the amount you want, resulting in less food waste.
  • Bulk is cheaper – BIG says that organic bulk foods on average cost 89% less than their packaged counterparts!  Hello, savings!

Still not convinced?  Get this.  If the average American family bought coffee in bulk for one year, it would save 240 million pounds of foil packaging from the landfill.  If Americans purchased all of their almonds in bulk for one year, it would save 72 million pounds of waste from the landfill.  Those are huge, significant numbers.

So next time you’re at your local grocery store, scout out the bulk bins.  Don’t find any?  Shop around to other local stores.  The environmental and financial savings (and let’s not forget the control!) alone will make it worth your while.

Posted in: Household tips, Reduce reuse and recycle

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