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Holiday Home Decorating – Think Green This Year

Posted on December 1, 2014 by | Comments Off

UpcycleSnowmanHolidays are the time of year when you get to enjoy time with your family, forget all about your diet and decorate your home in a breathtaking way. Still, if you’ve got green living on the brain, then you have probably realized that all decorations (and the ways we use them) aren’t as eco-friendly as they could be. Obviously, you’ll look to reuse holiday decorations that have survived last year. Still, it’s somehow inevitable to find out that half of them are mysteriously gone or broken, or you just forgot where you put them. This is when you add “more holiday decorations” to your shopping list. But, this year – something is going to be different. You are going to look for ways to green your holiday decorating.

1. You want a tree? Keep it green…

Usually, we’d suggest you bought a plastic tree and re-use it for years to come. But, if you simply can’t resist that pine smell then buy a tree and enjoy it. Don’t worry, this is actually a relatively eco-friendly choice, you just need to be careful and conscious about where it goes once the holidays are over. Check back with after the holidays to find out where your city/county will be recycling trees. Recycled Christmas trees are often mulched into woodchips that are used to beautify common areas and parks around your community.

2. Lights

Opt for energy-efficient light strings when replacing bad strings of traditional holiday lights. You’ll find that using LEDs, or light-emitting diode bulbs, are up to 90 percent more efficient than traditional holiday lights. Plus, LEDs will last twice as long, lasting up to 10,000 hours compared with 5,000 hours for standard incandescent bulbs.

3. Festive Guest Rooms

Deck out your guest rooms without giving up on your eco-friendly design. There are a variety of choices to pick from when it comes to organic or otherwise eco-friendly textiles. Check out duvets, sheets, quilts and comforters made from eco-friendly fibers such as organic cotton, bamboo and silk. They are easy to find this time of year in festive holiday patterns and colors, so you needn’t worry about your guest rooms missing out on the holiday spirit. For an added ‘natural’ touch, borrow from nature with bowls of fruit, cinnamon sticks and/or pine cones for additional room décor.

4. The 3 Rs for Everything

‘Reduce, reuse, recycle’ are the three little words with an enormous impact, especially during holiday season. When wrapping presents, make sure the wrapping paper you use is made from recycled materials and recyclable. You can also opt for other eco-friendly gift wrap alternatives like newspaper or brown paper bags decorated with paint or stamps. Upcycle whenever possible. You can make it a true holiday decorating adventure! For some ideas to get you started, check out these upcycle ideas from


Guest blog submitted by Damian Wolf. Damian is a DIY hobbyist and passionate writer. He loves to write about his own DIY projects, green topics and about all interesting stuff regarding home improvement. Damian is also a tools collector, who mostly uses online tool shops to add new pieces into his personal collection.

Posted in: Going Green, Holidays

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Have You Hugged Your Toilet Lately?

Posted on November 26, 2014 by | Comments Off

Thanksgiving is almost here!  A time for holiday shopping, adding an inch or two to our waistlines, and let’s not forget the most important part, giving thanks.  This year, I am grateful for my wonderful family, great friends, and my toilet.  Yes, my toilet.  More specifically, I’m thankful for toilets, modern plumbing, and clean water.   Let me explain.    

I don’t want you to hug your toilet because you had too much eggnog on an empty stomach.  I want you to hug your toilet because 2.5 billion people in the world don’t have one.  In the water industry, people talk about the need for “adequate” or “improved” sanitation in other countries, which means more people need access to nice clean toilets that will keep waste where it belongs.  The truth is more people have a cell phone than a toilet.  A toilet is more than convenience, it means more school attendance days for kids, less illness, and fewer deaths.    If you can’t find anything else to be thankful for this week – be thankful that you have access to a toilet!  And it’s not just the toilet.  In Hampton Roads, it’s the hundreds of miles of pipes that carry our waste to treatment plants so that only cleaned water is released into our waterways.   Not everyone is fortunate enough to have this.  You may not see it.  You probably just flush it and forget it.  But it’s there.  In fact, there are 3 important water systems in Hampton Roads that protect us:  wastewater, stormwater, and drinking water.   Three separate systems that work together so that we can enjoy our waterways and have clean water with the turn of a tap.  Pretty amazing isn’t it?

Toilet instructions from around the world will make you appreciate your local public water system!

Toilet instructions from around the world will make you appreciate your local public water system!

Even when water infrastructure does exist, it’s not always as good as we’ve got here!  My in-laws experienced this first hand during a trip to Greece. One of my personal favorites is to the left.   This is a sign you would never see in Hampton Roads in this day and age – gross!  Sewage should not go straight into a river!  We actually used to do this around here until we wised up.

So please, this Thanksgiving, give thanks for your toilet.  And to show you really mean it, don’t treat your toilet like a trash can.  Your toilet (and your plumbing) will appreciate it, and that’s what it’s all about this holiday season.

Family, friends, food, and flushes – what more could a girl ask for?

Posted in: Clean and safe tap water, Holidays, Household tips, Waterways

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Get the Holiday Season Off to a Great, Green Start

Posted on November 20, 2014 by | Comments Off

turkeyLet the countdown begin! For me, the official holiday season kicks off next Thursday with Thanksgiving. In our family it is the official start of holiday decorations, Christmas carols, yummy food, family time, shopping and gift giving. But along with feel-good traditions comes a lot of opportunities for waste – packaging/wrappers, food leftovers, shopping bags, decorations – you name it! In fact during the holidays waste goes up by more than 25 percent! That definitely doesn’t make us feel jolly. But there is still hope for saving the holidays.

Follow these simple Thanksgiving Day tips to lighten the impact of your Turkey Day celebration and get the holiday season off to a great, green start!

  • Perfect Portions – We know it’s tempting, but there’s really no need to overcook. The official party planning rule of thumb is to have a TOTAL of one pound of food for each guest during the main course. Desserts not included. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Americans throw out about 25 percent of the food they purchase. Uneaten food ends up in landfills to the tune of about 36 million tons per year where it then releases a large amount of methane into the air. So trim down food waste, landfill space and air pollution by simply cooking what you’ll actually eat for Thanksgiving.
  • Put Your Bin on Display – Make it easy for your guests to recycle. Place a clearly marked recycling container next to the trash can to capture aluminum cans, wine bottles, plastic soda bottles and other recyclable waste.
  • Ditch Disposal Cookware – Those flimsy aluminum trays may be great for cooking for your large family – but they are awfully wasteful! If your family depends on you to play holiday host/hostess, invest in good quality baking pans that can be reused each holiday. Short on cash? Check out a local secondhand store to find affordable ceramic and glass baking dishes.
  • Can the Grease – Pass the gravy but please keep it out of the drains! You will NOT be thankful for a clogged up drain in the middle of your Thanksgiving celebration. Cooled fats, oils, and grease belong in the trash can while food scraps can go in the trash or a compost bin. Frying a turkey? Find out where to recycle your oil – but never put it down the sink or stormwater drain.
  • Reusable Table Settings – Plates, silverware, napkin, cups – all reusable! Sure, you’ll have to do the dishes after your feast. But is an hour of your time really comparable to the hundreds or thousands of years those disposables will spend decomposing in a landfill? I think not.
  • Decorations Worth Keeping – Ok, so I’m not crafty but everyone needs super cool upcycled decorations in their life! Upcycled decorations reduce waste but also give you a decoration worth keeping around for years to come. Here are some simple ideas from the Pinterest page to get started.

Happy Turkey Day – Gobble, Gobble!

Posted in: Fats, oils and grease disposal, Going Green, Holidays

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The Tire Rolls On

Posted on November 18, 2014 by | Comments Off

TiresHow many tires do you think a car uses in its lifetime?  I don’t have the answer for you, I’m just asking (well come on, this isn’t a car blog).  But what I can share with you is a stat from a recent report by the Rubber Manufacturers Association.  According to them, the U.S. generates more than 230 million scrap tires every year.  That’s a lot of tires.

But, good news!  The report also shows that the amount of scrap tire piles in the country are decreasing dramatically.  It’s down to 75 million stockpiled tires from 1 billion in 1990.  And a large part of that is due to the fact that we’re getting smarter with how we reuse our trash!

The top reuse for scrap tires is for tire derived fuel (TDF).  TDF is used by the pulp/paper and cement industries as a supplemental fuel.  Over half of all tire scraps went to this market in 2013. 

The next biggest reuse for tire scraps is ground rubber.  Tires are ground up and turned into athletic fields, playground cover and binding agents for more durable, quieter asphalt road surface.  So smart!

So the next time you’re cursing your tires for not passing inspection, consider what job they might be moving onto next!  And hope that they spend very little time in a trash pile and move quickly onto their second life as fuel or an athletic field. 

Posted in: Reduce reuse and recycle

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Looks Can Be Deceiving

Posted on November 4, 2014 by | Comments Off

IMG_20140928_104907801(1)My favorite weekend activity is going to one of the awesome local parks near my Suffolk home with my husband and daughter. We play on the playground, adventure through the trails looking for frogs and squirrels and often times just enjoy the beauty of the tidal creeks that lead to the Nansemond River. Knowing what I know, it’s sometimes sad to look out on these beautiful creeks and rivers. You see, I know that the beauty we see with our eyes is often deceiving. Waterways don’t always show signs that they are struggling to support healthy populations of fish and crabs. It’s not just headline-grabbing fish kills and algae blooms that indicate an unhealthy waterway. So how do we know if our local waterway is as healthy as it is beautiful? The ‘How’s My Waterway?’ app from EPA is the easiest way for people to connect with the underlying health issues of their local waterways.

IMG_20140928_104907801See this awesome view of the Nansemond River in Suffolk? So beautiful. But what lurks beneath is bacteria and other microbe pollution as well as degraded aquatic life. There’s also a fish consumption advisory and a shellfish harvesting restriction. Not so beautiful, huh?

So what’s your local waterway hiding from you? Find out…then  take action to improve your local water quality!

(1) Use the ‘How’s My Waterway?’ app to learn about water quality near your home.

(2) Learn what causes the water quality problems in your local waterway and do something to help!

  • Too much bacteria? Make sure you and your neighbors clean up pet waste and never feed wildlife like geese and ducks.
  • Not enough dissolved oxygen? Only fertilize after you’ve done an easy and inexpensive soil test which tells you how much fertilizer to put down and keeps excess fertilizer out of waterways.
  • Degraded aquatic habitat from cloudy water? Seed bare spots and plant more plants to help keep dirt in its place and out of waterways.

(3) Last – tell a friend, a coworker or a neighbor! Get others involved and help spread awareness about water quality in your community. By working together to improve local water quality, we can make our rivers and streams as healthy as they are beautiful!

Posted in: Keeping storm drains free, Lawn and landscape, Lawncare, Outdoor tips, Waterways

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