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There’s a lot of water around here!

Posted on October 10, 2013 by | Comments Off

rainy day

Living in Hampton Roads allows us to work and play in, on, under and around the water all year long. With our ocean, bays and beaches, rivers, canals, lakes and waterways of all kinds— not to mention, rainfall of more than 45” a year—water is an important part of our lifestyle here in Hampton Roads. That means things can be beautifully green. They can also be a bit soggy. But knowing how to protect yourself and your property will help you make the most of our climate.


Ways to Protect Yourself

  • Do not walk or drive through floodwaters. There’s no way to tell how deep the water is or how fast it’s moving.
  • Give water a clear way to leave your property. This may require patience!
  • Be ready. Make plans to ensure your family’s safety, just as if you were preparing for a hurricane.

Ways to Protect Your Personal Property

  • Make a complete inventory of your personal property so you have proof of ownership. Do this now, before there’s an issue.
  • Photographs, videos and inventory forms from your insurance company are very helpful.

It’s high time we talk about high tide.

With so much shoreline, it’s important to recognize the impact tides can have on us. Certainly, abnormal tides and storm surges can cause flooding, but flooding can still occur if the moon and the tide align with a storm passing offshore. It is always a good idea to watch the tidal reports, low and high. You can be the difference between water moving and water standing on your property. If a storm is predicted, stay tuned and stay informed so you can prepare. Local TV stations, radio stations and Internet sites will carry all the latest news to keep you up to date.

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Geography Awareness Week

Posted on November 14, 2011 by | Comments Off

This year’s Geography Awareness Week theme–The Adventure in Your Community–promotes the idea that the geographic perspective is an important way to understand every community, no matter what size, or how long or briefly one has been a part of it.

National Geographic and partners invite families, teachers and students to visit to begin completing geographic missions and earning rewards. A wealth of valuable resources, including printable posters, mission booklets and an organizing toolkit are available for teachers, parents and students on the Geography Awareness Week website.

Posted in: For educators, Research, Service Learning

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It’s Not Too Late to Green Your Halloween!

Posted on October 26, 2011 by | Comments Off


Local Williamsburg-Yorktown Daily blogger, Desiree Parker, affectionately known as the ECOfreak, reminded me that there is still time to add a little green to your Halloween plans.  Here are some tips to make your Halloween festivities a little easier on the environment . . .

  • Reusable trick-or-treat bags. Deck out your ghosts and goblins with the traditional plastic pumpkin bucket that can be reused for years, or opt for a reusable tote.  Make it a craft project to give it some Halloween flair, or just use one you keep in the car for shopping.
  • Costume swaps. I’ve seen my neighbors’ children change their minds three times this month about their costume plans, but now we’re getting down to the wire.  Gather your friends and neighbors and all of your old costumes for a swap meet.  You may find the perfect costume and you will definitely save money!
  • Hand out loose candy. Get rid of those individual treat bags for handing out candy.  Just grab a handful and give to each monster or fairy princess who visits.
  • Creative costumes. Thrift stores and consignment shops may have just the thing to turn you into a Hollywood starlet, superhero, mobster, mermaid or zombie.  You could even donate some items while you are there and help a worthy cause.

All of these tips reduce waste that would otherwise go to the landfill, saving disposal space and taxpayer dollars.  And that’s another way to put more green in your Halloween!  For more great green tips and information on green-happenings in Hampton Roads, visit today!

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Green Up Your BBQs & Tailgates

Posted on August 16, 2011 by | Comments (1)

Recycling Space Saver for Your Party

A recycling space-saver for your next BBQ

A colleague showed me this clever device she had won as a door prize at a recent conference of recycling folks.  It’s called a flingsTM bin and it is a recycling receptacle.   I got so excited, I immediately made her open it so we could ponder the potential of this latest widget to encourage recycling.

The flingsTM bin is a pop-up recycling station.  Sounds good in theory, right?!  But it is merely a temporary recycling center.

You still have to dump the container into your official recycling bin because you can’t recycle the flingsTM bin.  You can put it in the trash–it claims to be biodegradable–but only after you empty it.  Kind of seems like double work to me.  The rigid sides look like mini-blind slats which, if I recall, are NOT biodegradable.  So my excitement waned.  But if you need smaller, temporary containers for your next party, tailgate or BBQ, the flingsTM bin may be the space saver you’ve been looking for.

Join the conversation and let us know about your favorite gizmo to make greening Hampton Roads a bit easier!

Posted in: Beautification, Don't litter!, Going Green, Household tips, Outdoor tips, plastic bags, Reduce reuse and recycle

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Win a $5,000 Grant for Your Youth Garden Project!

Posted on August 15, 2011 by | Comments Off

Youth Garden Project

Green Education Foundation (GEF) and Gardener’s Supply Company have teamed up to offer an exciting funding opportunity for established youth garden projects nationwide! The Green Thumb Challenge Grant is designed to support the continued sustainability of an exceptional youth garden program that has demonstrated success, and has impacted the lives of kids and their community.  The grant calls on schools and youth groups to submit chronicles of their garden projects in a race to win the $5,000 prize. Green Thumb Challenge participants should submit a completed Grant Application and Contest Disclaimer along with at least one of the following, or a combination:

  • An overview describing your garden project
  • One video – up to ten minutes long
  • A digital portfolio – comprising up to ten photos with captions
  • Scanned artwork with descriptions

Check out last year’s winner, Closer To Earth, a non-profit which engages at-risk youth in organic gardening.

To apply to be the next Green Thumb Challenge Grant winner, send GEF your materials by September 30th, 2011.
Happy gardening and good luck!!

Posted in: Beautification, Gardening, Going Green, Lawn and landscape, Service Learning

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