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April Showers…

Posted on April 2, 2012 by | Comments Off

Rain Barrel …Fill Up Rain Barrels!

That’s right!  Spring is the perfect time of year to stop thinking about it and do it! Get a move on installing that rain barrel!

Collecting rain water during the spring rains and summer storms can help offset the needs of your thirsty summer garden or lawn.  Use your new source of water to wash your dog, your car, your muddy boots, and your hair. It’s great for a quick, easy fill-up of the kids’ water guns during the hot summer months.  Your plants prefer it because it is free of the salts and chemicals used to keep our tap water safe to drink.  And, every drop of it is FREE!

Rain water harvesting is an ancient practice that is finding a new place in our modern society.  While our lives may not be dependent on capturing rain water (and there are places in the world today where their lives still are), there are many reasons to make rain water harvesting a part of your life.  If the uses listed above aren’t enough to get you started, know that by using a rain barrel you are also helping to save our local waterways.  All of our local waters are impacted negatively by storm water runoff.  When it rains or snows, any water that does not have a chance to soak into the ground runs off into our storm drains, taking pollution from parking lots, lawns, roadways and other hardened surfaces with it.  This type of pollution includes contaminants from dog waste like bacteria and excess nutrients, excess fertilizer, toxins, and many others.

In Tidewater, our average rainfall is 45 inches of rain per year.  This equals an incredible 28,000 gallons of water that can be collected in one 1000 square foot area of rooftop. Installing one or several rain barrels can help you to lessen your home’s impact on our local waters while giving you free, natural water for a multitude of home uses.  If rain barrels aren’t enough, a rainwater catchment professional can help you determine the best use of cisterns and larger catchment systems for your home.

Whatever your rainwater needs are, now is the time to get a rain barrel installed.  Those spring rains won’t wait for you!!

Written by Helen Webb Kuhns, Education & Outreach Coordinator, Lynnhaven River NOW

Posted in: Gardening, Going Green, Keeping storm drains free, Lawn and landscape, Lawncare, Outdoor tips, Using water wisely

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