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All Resources

  1. i-Recycle Mobile App
  2. 100 Water-Saving Tips
  3. A Bag’s Life
  4. A citizen’s guide to the Chesapeake Bay TMDL
  5. A Clean, Healthy Bay Starts at Home
  6. A Virginian’s Year-Round Guide to Yard Care
  7. Aerating Your Lawn
  8. Air Quality Index
  9. Best Management Practices for Restaurant Grease
  10. Chesapeake Bay BayScapes
  11. Chesapeake Bay TMDL Fact Sheet
  12. Cigarette Litter Prevention
  13. Composting
  14. Computer & Electronic Products Donation Programs
  15. e-cycling 5th Grade Lesson Plan
  16. Earth 911
  17. Electronics Buying Guidelines
  18. Energy Star
  19. EPA Waste Education Material (K-12)
  20. Feature your event on the calendar!
  21. Fryer Oil Collection Locations
  22. Fuel Cost Calculator
  23. Graffiti Hurts
  24. Grease Interceptor Maintenance Guide
  25. Grease Trap Cleaning Guide
  26. Household Hazardous Waste Disposal
  27. How to Build a Rain Barrel
  28. How to Buy/Manufacture Recycled Products
  29. HRSD Permitted Grease Haulers List
  30. If You Fertilize, Have Your Soil Tested
  31. Lawn Care Providers
  32. Living Shorelines for the Chesapeake Bay Watershed
  33. Master Gardeners
  34. Mini Grant Application Package
  35. Mini Grant Project Examples
  36. Mini Grant Summary Form
  37. Native Plants Shoreline List
  38. Native Plants to Hampton Roads
  39. Norfolk Textile Drop Off
  40. PBS Loop Scoops
  41. Pet Waste Station Grant Online Application
  42. Plant Even More Plants
  43. Plastics Recycling Activity
  44. Rain Barrel Basics
  45. Rain Garden Landscape Plans
  46. Rain Garden Plants
  47. Rain Gardens Technical Guide
  48. Recyclable Household Items
  49. Recycle Used Plant Containers
  50. Recycling Detectives 1st Grade Lesson Plan
  51. Recycling Information by Locality
  52. Recycling, Litter Prevention & Beautification Contacts
  53. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. 5th Grade Lesson Plan
  54. Storm Drain Medallion Program Application
  55. Storm Drain Medallion Project Summary Form
  56. Stormwater Contact Information
  57. Suffolk Household Battery Recycling Drop-Off
  58. The Great American Cleanup™ 2012
  59. The Story of Electronics
  60. Turkey Frying Facts
  61. VDOE School Recycling Guidelines
  62. Virginia Beach Household Battery Recycling Drop-Off
  63. Virginia Energy Sense
  64. Virginia Institute of Marine Science Living Shorelines
  65. Virginia Native Plant Society
  66. Virginia’s Manual on the Business of Recycling
  67. Water Wise Landscaping & Watering Guide
  68. Water Works 3rd Grade Lesson Plan
  69. Water: Use It Wisely
  70. WaterSense “Fix a Leak” Facts
  71. WaterSense Program
  72. WaterSense Water Savings Calculator
  73. Wood Pallets Recycling Locations
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